Proposed Oil & Gas Development in Stoney Creek and Hillsborough

In March 2011, Contact Exploration Inc. received approval from the Alward Government for construction of a production facility and for “exploratory drilling, completing, testing, producing and related activities” (which includes hydraulic fracturing) associated with 31 new or old Stoney Creek oil and gas wells. This approval includes well B55 in Edgett’s Landing (Taylor Hill), which is less than 2km from the Village of Hillsborough’s main and backup water wells. The village drilled 35 wells before acquiring these two reliable water sources. The company also has an additional application for more development.

Albert County has a complex geology with sinkholes, faults, gypsum caves and shallow shale. Almost half of 168 old oil wells have not been properly plugged or abandoned, according to 2004 documentation. Any of these might provide a pathway for toxic frack fluid to migrate into our groundwater.

Because of this danger, the Village of Hillsborough has asked for a halt to mining activities surrounding the B-55 well.

On behalf of the residents of Stoney Creek and Hillsborough, WEPAC is petitioning our government to conduct comprehensive aquifer mapping to determine how best to protect our well water.  We have also asked the government to subsidize water testing for residents in these areas before any work begins.


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