Walk to Ban Fracking

Tuesday, Nov. 27:  Fredericton.

This is a peaceful march starting at 11AM at the Old Burial Ground, arriving at the Legislature by noon for the opening of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

Whereas our government has:

  1. ignored our petition for a ban on unconventional fracking of our petroleum resources;
  2. failed to provide appropriate public hearings on this question, and
  3. indicated, despite common sense and several cautions from the medical profession and other responsible parties, that it intends to proceed with what is an experimental industry without a social contract from the people of New Brunswick…

Let us walk together, side by side to put a stop to fracking for shale gas! Come and join along with signs and banners to make your voice heard!
For maps/details: https://www.facebook.com/events/376684669074901/. :

Event contact Julia Linke:  linkejul@gmail.com or organizer, gregcook@nbnet.nb.ca.
To arrange drives (offer or to get matched with a driver) contact Water and Environmental Protection for Albert County (wepac.nb@gmail.com)