New Brunswick sold out

Energy & Mines Minister, Craig Leonard announced this week that our government will enact a new “regulatory regime to oversee the future development of the shale gas industry.”

In a CBC news report, he makes reference to the LaPierre and the Cleary reports, which both contained recommendations: Dr. Lapierre’s on on how the province should move forward with the shale gas industry and Dr. Cleary’s on the precautions the government must have in place to protect the health of New Brunswickers.

Leonard skips over the truth of Dr. Eilish Cleary’s report with his comment:  “Both reports came to the same conclusion — a moratorium on shale gas exploration was neither required nor desirable in New Brunswick as it would effectively limit the research and exploration required to learn more about the potential of the industry.”

What Dr. Cleary actually said during an October news conference was was this:  “To me the question of a moratorium is somewhat moot because we’ve been assured that there is plenty of time before the industry happens to allow these measures to be put in place. If that wasn’t the case, we might be having a different discussion.”

What part of her report do you think our government didn’t understand?