Guess Who’s Invited to Town?

Get to know the company our government has invited to our fair province.

swn_nbOur government has leased 2.5 million acres of New Brunswick land to SWN Resources Inc.(a subsidiary of Southwestern Energy) for shale gas exploration and development. SWN operates in Arkansas, Texas,
Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Colorado, in addition to New Brunswick. Their NB lease lies largely through central and southern part of the province (see map).

A former oil and gas driller who has worked in fields throughout Canada and the US, has compiled a list of violations, fines, contamination reports, accidents and lawsuits that SWN has been named in – all found online. Yet the company claims they have a safe track record. Can all these incidents be false or coincidence?

Does our government really believe rules and regulations will make a difference here in New Brunswick?

Note:  “SEECO” is SWN’s drilling division, and DeSoto Gathering Company is their pipeline division.