Join the wave…

On Monday, we packed the Royal Canadian Legion with people who want to take positive, solid, meaningful action to protect our children, environment and health, our homes, investments and lifestyle. The wave of opposition to fracking is spreading not just across Albert County, but we have the support of other community groups across the province.

The message was clear:   ‘No Frackin’ Way!’

So now what?

Join the Wave: The key is communication and sharing information. Email us to be on our mail-out list. Like the WEPAC Facebook page to ask questions, share knowledge and keep up to date on what is happening. Get connected; build the momentum; talk to your neighbours.

Check out our What can I do? page for ways that you can help out.

Finally, if you missed last night’s meeting and feel left out, join us for the second:
Monday, February 18, 7PM
Royal Canadian Legion, 31 Legion Street, Hillsborough
Facebook Event Page (Share the ♥!)