A mom’s plea to government

Many people feel too intimidated to write to government officials. The following letter, written by one Hillsborough mom shows that it doesn’t have to be formal or technical, just genuine. This one was addressed to our Premier, Ministers of Environment, Energy & Mines, and Health, The NB Ombudsman and MLA for Albert. it is Used with permission.

Dear Gentlemen:

Premier Alward has already received my son’s letter, but I’m attaching it for the others.

Until about a month ago, I really didn’t know what was happening in our little Village of Hillsborough.  I had heard some things about “fracking”, but I hadn’t taken the time to get informed.  I was part of a PSSC (Parent School Support Committee) meeting at Hillsborough Elementary when I first learned exactly what “fracking” was and that it was coming to Hillsborough very soon.  I came away from the meeting feeling so ashamed that I had not taken the time to find out about this sooner.

My son, Quinn, had been asking me questions about “fracking” which I could not answer.  He had been hearing about it (like myself), but he didn’t understand it (like myself).  When I finally got more info, I honestly didn’t know how to answer Quinn’s questions without scaring him.  Kids are not stupid.  When you say chemicals and water in the same sentence, they know it’s a bad thing.  If any of you have children, I hope you can appreciate how hard it is to put a child to bed at night with tears in his eyes and worried about something you cannot protect him from.  I had to help Quinn with this and the only way was to change the conversation from “what could happen to us?” to “what can we do about it?”.  I told him to write to the Premier to express how he feels.  I believe he and all the children of Albert County should have a say in their future.  This is a decision being made by today’s government that will affect these children for the rest of their lives in Albert County.

In the past month, I have gotten involved with the people of Albert County who are opposed to fracking.  I have learned that Albert County is not alone.  There are many groups throughout our province who feel the same way we do.  It is frightfully obvious that the government (at all levels) are not listening to our pleas and it’s absolutely unfair.  It’s simple – fracking is not safe, it is not a  proven money maker – it’s not worth ruining our small beautiful province for.  We pride NB on our tourist industry.  Honestly, how many tourists will be interested in sightseeing at frack sites and ghost towns?

I am not a political person, I am not educated in science, I am a mother protecting her children.  The province may be in need of money, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the health and well-being of its people.  It’s totally unfair to expect that of any person, village or town.   Please listen to my son’s words – he wears his heart on his sleeve and I hope you can hear his sincerest request, “please don’t ruin our water and please don’t make us sick”.

With hopes that you will listen to the people of your province and protect us,