Riverside-Albert ‘Walks the Block’ to Protect What’s Important

“It comes down to this: by retreating from that which we oppose, we render lifeless all opportunities for intimacy, and for community. To smile and step away is as fatal to possibility as is brandishing a finger of blame.”  Amy Irvine


WHEN?  Monday, March 11, 6-7:30 PM
WHERE?  Everyone will meet at the Pharmacy parking lot, 5883 King Street (main highway)

WHAT?   Our goal is to respectfully and peacefully demonstrate to our Municipal Councils (Hillsborough, Riverside-Albert, Alma) AND the general public that rural Albert County opposes the granting of approvals for oil and gas development in our region and in our province. Last week over 200 gathered in Hillsborough with the same message and council passed a resolution to stop drilling.

WHO?  All of Albert County is invited.  Children, teens, seniors, adults, friends, relatives, dogs and pets! This is an inclusive community event for the COUNTY…not just Riverside-Albert. This issue affects all of us. Everyone is responsible to create and bring their own signage and banners – Be CREATIVE!

  • 6:00PM: Meet at the pharmacy parking lot on the main highway (5883 King St)
  • 6:30 PM:  We will march along Route 114 to the Rec Centre (9 Bicentennial Dr).
  • 7:15PM: All will convene at the Rec Centre. Representatives from WEPAC will make a presentation to Riverside-Albert municipal council (their regular meeting night)
  • 7:30PM – Public presentation at the Rec Centre on oil and gas developments in Albert County. Q&A to follow.


  1. Because our government was not given a mandate by the people to pursue natural gas/oil exploration and development for our province.
  2. Because they did not conduct meaningful two-way consultation before granting licenses for 1.5 million hectares of crown land (not including other private leasing arrangements and property purchased by oil and gas companies)
  3. Because they did not put processes in place to protect public health before granting approvals for development.
  4. Because they have not substantiated their claims of benefits in jobs or economy for New Brunswickers.
  5. AND LASTLY:  Because no one will stand up for our county if we do not stand up for ourselves first. If we sit back and say or do nothing, we passively allow decisions that affect our future – and that of our children – to be made by others for their own purposes and for their own reasons. WE ARE PROTECTING WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO US.

Please drop us an email if you have questions and visit our Facebook Event page to share with others.