Fracking fun…

WEPAC wishes to congratulate the organizers and volunteers of the Albert County Exhibition, being held Sept 12-15, 2013 for reaching this monumental 100th Anniversary Celebration.  We are proud that our small rural community has been able to continue with this exhibition for an entire century. It speaks to the tremendous commitment of the volunteers who make it possible and to the loyalty of the people who attend and take part.

To help celebrate all that we hold dear in our county and our province, we have sent WEPAC volunteers, Agent Jack No Frack and his partner, Mother Earth down to the Ex as our representatives.

BREAKING NEWS:  Agent Jack and Mother Earth Win
1st and 2nd prizes at the Exhibition!


Call on Jack No Frack to protect what you love. He may look friendly and harmless now, but do damage to his special lady, Mother Earth, and you won’t know Jack! —


Agent Jack for Hire…


Have a word with Mother Earth. Spend some time at her feet and listen to her wisdom. Consider the many ways she nurtures you.


Words of Wisdom from the Earth.


WEPAC kids in the parade on Saturday. Our float won 3rd Prize! We aim to cultivate a new generation of community members…ones holding values of pride, participation and protection. But – hey – it’s also nice to get a wee bit o’recognition for the hard work, too!


(This following photo from the Hillsborough Parade)


See you at the Ex!