Tips for Writing to Government

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  •  Be direct and explain your position clearly at the beginning of your letter.
  •  Try to think of this person as your ally, not your enemy.
  •  Use a polite and courteous style.
  •  State your concerns in a clear, precise and firm manner.


  • Who is affected? If you are personally affected, say how and why. If it does not personally affect you, you can still express your concern for the people who are experiencing this problem.
  • Explain your main arguments by having a paragraph for each main idea.
  • Ask your MLA or MP what their views are regarding the issue and why. And ask what they will do to address your concern.
  • Let the politician know that you are confident your concerns will be given serious consideration and ask for reply as soon as possible.


The proper way to address Cabinet Ministers and Members of the Legislative Assembly is as follows:

“The Honourable (their full name)”, in the case of Ministers, and

“Mr./Ms. (their family name)”, in the case of MLAs.

Contact information for MLAs can be found on the government of New Brunswick’s website at: (html)