Tips for Writing to the Editor

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  •     It is the second most widely read section of the newspaper.
  •     Most newspapers welcome letters from the public.
  •     You can share your views with a wide audience.
  •     You will gain support from others.


  • Keep it short and simple. Aim for 300-400 words or less. (letters that are too long will be edited, and you won’t be able to control the content).
  • Include “Letter to the editor” as a title or subject line if you are emailing.
  • If emailing, write in the body of the email – no attachments.
  • If you are responding to an article you read, specify its title and publication date.
  • Write as you would speak.
  • Be civil. Avoid debates or personal attacks; just state your opinion and why you feel this way.
  • Include your name, email and telephone number at the bottom of the letter (they will not be published, but the editors may wish to contact you for clarification).
  • Send it to one newspaper or multiple newspapers. After a couple days, call to ask when will be published.


You can submit letters online to Canada East (including the Times & Transcript, the Telegraph and the Daily Gleaner) through the following web page:

Or email the paper of your choice.

Times & Transcript – Moncton
Att. Rodd Allen
Tel: 859-7131

Telegraph Journal – Saint John
Tel: 452-6675

The Gleaner – Fredericton
Tel: 443-2928

L’Acadie Nouvelle – Caraquet, Dieppe, Fredericton
Tel: 1-800-561-2255

L’Etoile – Nouveau-Brunswick, la Cataracte, Chaleur, Dieppe, Kent, Péninsule Acadienne, la République, Restigouche, Shédiac
Tel: 383-2598
Editor in chief: